September 23, 2019

Majority of Latinas are Unaware of their Risk of Diabetes

By Evelyn C. Castillo March 19, 2014

diabetes_riskMost Latinas have no idea about their personal risk for diabetes according to a new study by NYU Researchers.


The researchers looked at how many women reported never being told by a health provider that they were at risk of diabetes, had pre-diabetes, or were borderline for diabetes.


The study’s data were drawn and analyzed from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2009-2010. The researchers examined data from 1,467 women–Hispanic, non-Hispanic White and non-Hispanic Black women–who were all given a physical examination and participated in interviews that asked questions about their socioeconomic status and demographic and health-related issues.


“Almost 1 million of these 4 million Latinas had not seen a doctor or other healthcare provider in the past 12 months,” explains Dr. Strauss. “This is of particular concern as it eliminates a potential opportunity for them to learn about their diabetes risk and their elevated FPG before it causes serious avoidable harm.”


Among the key recommendations the study calls for increased efforts to enhance the use of traditional health services by Latinas and to develop alternate sites for diabetes screening. It also found that there is a need for effective and culturally sensitive follow-up care and case management.

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